What is a CBCT Scanner?

X-ray machines forever changed the dental industry by providing invaluable amounts of information about the mouth, jaws and teeth. While regular dental x-rays are important for dental professionals to diagnose oral health, they are limited in the amount of data they provide. A CBCT (Cone Beam Computer Tomography) scanner is a revolutionary new imaging tool that further expands the information available from using x-rays alone. A CBCT scanner is a specialized kind of CT scan machine that utilizes a cone beam to direct the x-ray beams for a more accurate scan of very specific areas. The scanner collects a large volume of data and a computer program reconstructs this data to form 3D cross sectional images that can be viewed from different angles and manipulated with software. The result is much more information than was previously possible, which provides better guidance for complex dental procedures such as implants and other special dental procedures.

CBCT scanners allow dental professionals to fundamentally change the way they approach the areas of oral surgery, orthodontics and endodontics. The ability to use a CBCT scanner to safely, quickly and efficiently produce a detailed 3D model of a patient’s jaw and teeth is incredibly important to diagnosing important issues such as root fractures and lesions. In the event that there are impacted teeth, a CBCT scan will provide a better visualization of the severity of impaction and allow for more informed decisions for treatment. The success of dental implants is greatly dependent on the health and bone density of the patient’s jaw bone. A CBCT scan will provide an accurate assessment of the bone density of the jaw in a non-intrusive manner, which was not previously possible.

Improved Patient Safety

X-rays and CT scans expose patients to certain levels of radiation. These small levels of radiation are generally accepted to be not harmful for dental patients because the duration is short and the exposure is infrequent. A CBCT scanner is a superior scanning tool that offers the added benefits of reduced exposure to radiation due to the effectiveness of the cone beam to direct the x-ray beams to smaller areas. CBCT scanners perform the actual scans faster and reduce overall exposure to radiation by using the cone beam to effectively diverge the x-ray beams, which allows for a much smaller surface to be scanned.

Finding a Dentist with a CBCT Scanner

Despite the obvious advantages in terms of safety and effectiveness, few dental professionals in the GTA are able to offer their patients access to CBCT scans. Dr. Lloyd Hoffman is a periodontist serving the GTA who is proud to offer patients access to state-of-the-art equipment, including a CBCT scanner on the premises. With over 30 years of experience treating periodontal disease and placing implants, Dr. Hoffman offers a very unique combination of practical experience and access to the latest technologies.

In addition to CBCT scans, the office provides a full range of periodontal examinations and services as well as a variety of cleaning treatments. Trust Dr. Lloyd Hoffman for all of your periodontal needs and enjoy all the benefits that his extensive experience and cutting-edge equipment provide.